Detection of Accommodation and Assimilation Speed by Students of Grade VII in Learning Special Triangle

Meilantifa, . (2018) Detection of Accommodation and Assimilation Speed by Students of Grade VII in Learning Special Triangle. IOP Publishing Ltd.. (Unpublished)

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Each student is born as an individual with different abilities both in absorbing and processing information received. Students have different speeds in analysing the acquisition of new information or knowledge, some are low, medium and high. similarly the time required is short, there is also a long time. As he absorbs, processes, and analyses the information, he has adapted accommodation and assimilation within his cognitive structure. This study aims to determine the speed of assimilation and accommodation of VII grade students who are highly capable, medium, and low in learning special triangle. The approach used is qualitative by using task-based interview. The researcher interviewed the subject using interview guidelines that have been compiled and tested. The questions are intended to guide the subject in performing the assigned task as a way of recording the speed of the accommodation and assimilation process. The tasks assigned to the subject are triangular questions containing new concepts such as special triangle properties, triangular lines, triangular drawings and triangular lines, calculating the number of outside corners and special triangles, and calculating the area From a variety of special triangles. Another tool in this study was the stopwatch to detect the speed of accommodation and assimilation of each student. Data analysis was done by three stages: studying data transcript, data reduction, and coding. The results of this study were from obtained high-ability students detected quickly in the process of accommodation and assimilation. Keywords: detection, accommodation, assimilation

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