Pemanfaatan Trichoderma Sebagai Agens Antagonis terhadap Jamur Akar Putih Rigidoporus microsporus

Joeniarti, Elika (2006) Pemanfaatan Trichoderma Sebagai Agens Antagonis terhadap Jamur Akar Putih Rigidoporus microsporus. UPN “veteran” Jawa Timur. (Unpublished)

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Trichoderma is recognized as antagonis agens to plant root pathogens that is surive in various conditions. The utilizing of Trichoderma especially caused by its ability to produce enzymes and toxin. This products able inhibit the growth even kill several pathogens fungi. The interaction between Trichoderma and fungi appear directly by several mechanisms such as antibiosis, mycoparasitism, or nutrient competition. The goal of this study is to know the antagonistic ability of Trichoderma to while-root pathogen R. microsporus and the type of their interaction. The study was carried-out at the MicrobiologyLaboratorium of Agriculture FacuIty, Wijaya Kusuma University. Trichoderma and Rigidoporus were isolated from rizhosphere of the attacked mangoes plants by white-root disease. Each of the isolates were cultured on PDA medium and incubated on 22°C temperature for five days. The observed parameters covering diametre of Rigidoporus colony and the life time of thatpathogen. Theresult of the study showed that Trichoderma able inhibit the growth of R.microsporus even killed them in 8-10 days. The interaction between Trichoderma and Rigidoporus appeared by mycoparastism. Keywords: Trichoderma, antagonis agens, mycoparastism

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