Toksisitas Ekstrak Daun Kecubung terhadap Mortalitas Hama Pengisap Polong Kedelai

Joeniarti, Elika (2008) Toksisitas Ekstrak Daun Kecubung terhadap Mortalitas Hama Pengisap Polong Kedelai. LPPM-UWKS. (Unpublished)

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Toxicity of Kecubung Leaves Extract to The Pod Sucking Bugs Mortality. The utility of botanical substances as alternative pesticides are a repeating of the diseases and pests control that carried-out in the decades ago. One of the control was by using kecubung leaves that containing alcaloids, lipid, and Ca-oxalat. This research is purposed to know the ability of kecubung leaves as botanical pesticides againts the pod sucking bugs as well as to know the optimal concentration of kecubung extract in order controlling that pests. The research was conducted using the Complete Random Design with two factors. The one of that factor is kecubung extract concentration in five levels, and the other is pest stadia i.e. imago and nympha. Each of the treatment is repeated four times so the total units of the experiment are 40. The amount of pests needed in this research are 1000 totally where each of the experiment unit was filled 25 pests. The evaluated parameters were percentage of pest lethal and the first lethal time. Data was analyzed by using Analyze of Variance to know the interference of treatments while the Least Significant Difference test was carried-out when the difference of treatments were found. The result of the research showed that kecubung extract influenced significant extremely to mortality of the pod sucking bugs until it is able to utilized as botanical pesticides. In 5% concentration it is able to control the pest up to 99%. Key words : botanical pesticide, kecubung, the pod sucking bugs

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