Study of the Damage of Green Open Space Plants Due to Parasitized by Parasite in Surabaya City

Haryanta, Dwi (2020) Study of the Damage of Green Open Space Plants Due to Parasitized by Parasite in Surabaya City. Wolters Kluwer Medknow Publications. (Unpublished)

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The beauty and benefit values of the green open space plants are often disrupted by the existence of parasites. A parasite attached to a branch or twig (dries) or dies. Plants that have a lot of parasites will look miserable, green leaves that look not plant leaves but parasitic leaves. Plants with lots of parasites will dry out so that easy to collapse at any time in the wind. This study aims to (1) Conduct a study of the abundance of parasites in green open spaces in Surabaya; (2) Conduct an assessment of the level of damage to plants due to parasitized by parasites; and (3) Determine the degree of compatibility of host plants to parasitic plants. The study uses exploratory methods, with five sample points namely Central, North, East, South and West Surabaya. Observation variables were plant type, parasitic level, damage intensity and compatibility degree between parasites and host plants. The results showed that green open space plants in Surabaya which were potentially parasitized by parasites recorded 72 plant species, 42 species were parasitized, and 30 plants were not parasitized. Plants that parasitized by parasites were dominated by the plant of angsana Pterocarpus indicus, tamarind/trembesi Samanea saman, mango/mangga Mangifera indica, and sengon Albizia chinensis namely, plants that have a large of number and have high habitus and wide canopy, however the level of parasitation and intensity of damage are not affected by the level of abundance or size of plant habitus. From 42 species of plants that parasitized, there are 11 species whose associations with parasites are significant, meaning that there is a correlation between the abundance of parasites with the species of its host plant. Keywords: green open space, host plant, parasites

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