Repellent Activity of Bintaro Leaf Extract (Cerbera manghas) against Spodoptera litura

Haryanta, Dwi (2020) Repellent Activity of Bintaro Leaf Extract (Cerbera manghas) against Spodoptera litura. Wolters Kluwer Medknow Publications. (Unpublished)

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The study was aimed at testing the repellency of bintaro plant extracts on the presence of Spodoptera litura pests and studying the utilization of bintaro plant extract repellency for controlling decisions of plant pests. The study used the Painter (1951) plant endurance test approach, namely soybean plants were treated by various concentrations of bintaro leaf extract infested by Spodoptera litura insects. The study design was a Randomized Block Design (RBD) with five replications. The concentration treatment of bintaro leaf extract with six levels, namely: K0: concentration of 0.0%; K1: concentration of 2.5%; K2: concentration of 5.0%; K3: concentration of 7.5%; K4: 10.0% concentration; and K5: 12.5% concentration. The results showed that the treatment of bintaro leaf extract had no effect (having the power of repelence) on the presence of adult, looking for a place to lay eggs, but mess up hatching of Spodoptera eggs. Bintaro leaf extract was able to suppress spodoptera adult 70- 80% so that it can be used to make Sopodtera pest control decisions. Keywords: bintaro leaf extract, repellent, Spodoptera litura.

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