Purse Liquid Sugar with Iodine Fortification

Rejeki, Fungki Sri (2020) Purse Liquid Sugar with Iodine Fortification. Wolters Kluwer Medknow Publications. (Unpublished)

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Sugar is one of the basic needs of society, especially its role as a sweetener whose needs are increasing. Therefore, alternatives to other sweeteners are needed as sugar substitutes, such as by developing glucose syrup (liquid sugar) from starch. Kimpul (Xanthosoma sagittifolium) as one type of root crop has a great opportunity to be developed because it has high carbohydrate content (34,2g/100g). Application of the use of kimpul liquid sugar as a sweetener requires testing of nutritional and health aspects. Therefore, it is necessary to test the nutritional, caloric value and glycemic index of purse liquid sugar. With the research of the process of making purse liquid sugar with iodine fortification, the benefits of sugar can be more efficient and effective. This study aims to: (1) determine the process engineering to increase iodine levels through a fortification process and (2) determine the nutritional value, caloric value, glycemic index value, and iodine content of purse liquid sugar. This study used a single factor randomized block design that is the concentration of Iodine (KIO3), with 4 levels, namely : K1 : 30 ppm; K2 : 40 ppm; K3 : 50 ppm; and K4 : 60 ppm and repeated three times. The parameters tested were organoleptic tests of taste, color, and aroma, oBriks, water content, ash content, reducing sugar content, caloric value, glycemic index (GI), and iodine content. The results showed that (1) Iodine fortification did not significantly affect the organoleptic properties of taste, color, and aroma. (2) Iodine fortification significantly affect the parameter of reducing sugar content and iodine content of kimpul liquid sugar. (3) The iodine fortification did not decrease the value of the glycemic index of the kimpul liquid sugar product.Key words: Liquid sugar, purse, fortification, iodine

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