Phycocyanin Decrease Trophoblast Il-17 Expression in Preeclamptic Rat Models

Gondo, Harry K and Kusworini, H and Arsana, W and Sardjono, T W (2017) Phycocyanin Decrease Trophoblast Il-17 Expression in Preeclamptic Rat Models. International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research, 9 (4). pp. 332-336. ISSN 0975 1556

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Preeclampsia/eclampsia (PEE) was the main cause of death in pregnancy. However, until now, this disease has no adequate medical prevention for lack of its basic molecular pathomechanism. In recent years, there are growing number of study has concern trophoblast apoptosis as important trigger. Thropoblast apoptosis has been shown in many report lead to trophoblast failure to invade into endometrial tissue. Invasion failure of trophoblast was characterized with high expression of IL-17 in its tissue. Spirulina arthrospira plant or also called blue-green algae has been consumed since by the Aztec tribe. Several studies have proven that this plant have the immunomodulation properties stimulate various immune functions such as production of cytokines, chemokines and other anti-inflammatory mediators. Its active bioactive Phycocyanin (PC) has been shown have an effect as anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Previous study has been shown that this substance has beneficial effect in preeclampsia inhibition in rat models via its inflammatory reducing effect However, there are lack of information concerning its role in trophoblast IL-17. Hence, this study is conduct to reveal its role in IL-17 expression in trophoblast in preeclampsia. Methods. This research used animal models with PE/E pregnant rat. PE/E induced by IL-6 intravein at dose 5 ng/100 g/day body weight. Animals divided in 6 groups of treatment with two groups control and four groups of PC treatment in different dose. After decapitated, uterus tissue processed to view its IL-17 expression using immunofluoresnce Result. This study has proven IL-17 reducing effect of PC in preeclampsia model of pregnant rats induced by IL -6. PC has reducing IL-17 expression significantly in trophoblast tissue of pregnant rats models induced by IL-6 at dose of 40 ng/100 kg weight. Conclusion. This study confirm that PC has a protective effect on pregnant rats preeclampsia through its inhibiton of trophoblast IL-17.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: preeclampsia; apoptosis; phycocyanin; IL-6; immunofluorescence; rat trophoblast.
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