Siwalan Sugar Processing With Tea Extract Addition To Reduce Glycemic Index Value

Kadir, Akmawarita (2015) Siwalan Sugar Processing With Tea Extract Addition To Reduce Glycemic Index Value. In: International Seminar Resources, Environment and Marine in The Global Challenge, 29-30 September 2015, University of Wijaya Kusuma Surabaya.


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Application of siwalan sugar as a swe&eners in -'y reqaires testiug in terms of health. It is necessary for the testing of siwalan sugar Glycemic Index value. Glycemic Index (GI) value of siwalan sugar is lower tban cane sugar but higher than diet sugar. However, GI value of siwalan sugar is still relatively high. One of the process engineering that can be done to reduce GI value is the addition of tea extract. Therefore, it is necessary to process engineering of siwalan sugar processing with the addition of tea extract to reduce GI value of siwalan sugar. This study aims to: (I) determine the process engkerhg to reduce GI value of siwalan sugar through the process of adding tea extract, and (2) determine tannins content and GI value of siwalan =gar process engineered Study design is Randomized Block Design with two factors, namely First Factor is tea type, witb 2 levels are Green Tea and Black Tea, as well as the Seeand Factor is concentration of tea extract with three levels are 1%, 2%, and 3%. For comparison used siwalan sugar without tea extract addition. Based on the study revealed that the tannin content of siwalan sugar given green tea extract higher when compared with black tea extract. The tannin content is expected to affect the GI value of siwalan sugar. Glycemic Index m#lsurement used glucose as a standard with GI value is 100. The measurement result showed that the higher tannin content affect GI value tends to lower.

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