Sorghum Flakes: Studies of the Type and Concentration of Sorghum Flour

Noerhartati, Endang Sorghum Flakes: Studies of the Type and Concentration of Sorghum Flour. INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON FOOD AGRICULTURE AND NATURAL RESOURCES. (Unpublished)

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This study aimed at finding the best treatment combination of sorghum flakes using Randomized Block Design (RBD) 2 factors with 3 repeated measures. Factor I:. types of flour (T): T1: red sorghum flour (Sorghum bicolor) and T2: white sorghum flour (KD Factor II: Concentration (K): K1: 25%; K2: 50%; K3: 75% and K4: 100%. Observations: organoleptic test on parameters of taste, color, flavour and crispness, moisture content and starch. Data analysis used organoleptic test with Friedman test, while the water content and starch used analysis of variance test (ANOVA) at the 5% level followed by Duncan’Test. The results: 1) Flake sorghum was one of the alternative forms of diversification products based on sorghum flour, 2) a combination of the best treatment for sorghum flakes T1K2 (treatment type sorghum flour (T): T1 = Red Flour/Sorghum bicolor (T1) and the concentration (K) : K2 = 50%), the results of Organoleptic parameters were: taste of 4,68 (really like) , color of 4,62 (really like), flavor of 4,58 (really like), crispness 4,68 (really like), water content 2,19% and starch 20,8% and 3) a combination of the best treatments for sorghum flakes second: T2K2 (types ofsorghum flour treatment (T): white flour / KD4 (T2) and concentration (C): K2 = 50%), the results of organoleptic parameter were taste of 4,62 (really like), color of 4,65 (really like), flavor of 4,52 (really like), crispness of 4,62 (really like), water content of 2,17% and starch of 34,42%. Keywords: sorghum flour, flakes, organoleptic testing, moisture content and starch

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