Stick Sorghum (Sorghum sp) As Food Diversification Alternative Products

Noerhartati, Endang Stick Sorghum (Sorghum sp) As Food Diversification Alternative Products. REKA PANGAN. (In Press)

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The study aims to find the best treatment combination stick sorghum. Research using Randomized Block Design (RBD) 2 factors with 3 repeated measurement. Factor I: types of flour (T): T1: red sorghum flour (Sorghum bicolor) and T2: white sorghum flour (KD 4). Factor II: Concentration (K): K1: 25%; K2: 50%; K3: 75% and K4: 100%. Observations: organoleptic test on parameters of taste, color, flavour and crispness, moisture content and carbohydrat. Data analysis: organoleptic test using Friedman test, while the water content and carbohydrat using analysis of variance test followed duncan 5%. The results: 1) Stick sorghum as one of the alternative product diversification based on sorghum flour, 2) a combination of the best treatment stick sorghum: T1K3 (treatment type sorghum flour (T): T1 = Red Flour/Sorghum bicolor and the concentration (K): K3= 75%), the results of organoleptic taste parameter 4,56 (most likely accepted), color of 4,54 (most likely accepted), aroma 4,60 (most likely accepted), crispness 4,58 (most likely accepted), water content 2,24% and 66,13% carbohydrate; and 3) a combination of the best treatments of sorghum stick second: T2K3 (types of sorghum flour treatment (T): T2=white flour / KD4 and concentration (K): K3 = 75%), the results organoleptic taste parameter 4,57 (most likely accepted), color of 4,61 (most likely accepted), aroma 4,54 (most likely accepted), crispness 4,55 (most likely accepted), water content 2,21% and carbohydrate 65,81 %. Keywords: sorghum flour, stick, organoleptic testing, diversification, and Food Alternative

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