Examining The Impact Of Assimilation On Prisoners During The Covid-19 Pandemic: Balancing Public Health And Public Safety In Legal Measures

Enggarsasi, Umi (2023) Examining The Impact Of Assimilation On Prisoners During The Covid-19 Pandemic: Balancing Public Health And Public Safety In Legal Measures. JOURNAL OF LAW AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT. (Unpublished)

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Purpose: The aim of this study is to examine the impact of providing assimilation to prisoners during the Covid-19 pandemic. Theoretical framework: Social Integration Theory is used as theoretical perspective in this study which suggests that social integration and belonging are essential for individuals' wellbeing. The research might examine how the pandemic and legal measures have affected prisoners' sense of social integration, including their connection to society, family, and community. Design/methodology/approach: The research method used in this study is a juridical-empirical approach. This approach considers the impact of assimilation on prisoners and aims to provide an objective explanation of the issues raised in the study. The research is of descriptive nature, focused on describing the current problem, collecting data, compiling, classifying, analyzing, and interpreting the findings. Findings: The results highlight that providing assimilation to prisoners during the Covid-19 pandemic is a preventive measure taken by the government to reduce the number of Covid-19 cases in Correctional Institutions. However, this action has implications for society, as it raises concerns about the impact on public safety and the potential for recidivism among ex-convicts. Research, Practical & Social implications: The study provide practical and social implications to manage effective supervision of ex-convicts who receive assimilation is essential to reduce the likelihood of reoffending and enhance community safety. Balancing public health concerns with public safety is crucial during this pandemic. By closely monitoring assimilated prisoners and providing necessary support, the government can mitigate the impact of Covid-19 transmission in Correctional Institutions and ensure a safer environment for both inmates and the broader community. Originality/value: The article likely combines elements from different disciplines, including criminology, public health, and law. This interdisciplinary approach is valuable as it sheds light on a complex issue from multiple angles, providing a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities presented by the pandemic in the context of the criminal justice system. Keywords: assimilation, ex-convicts, Covid-19, criminal.

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