EDTA-Dependent Pseudothrombocytopenia (EDP) Dengan Pemeriksaan Immature Platelet Fraction (IPF) Yang Tinggi

Raharjo, Budiono and Hadi, Solichul (2017) EDTA-Dependent Pseudothrombocytopenia (EDP) Dengan Pemeriksaan Immature Platelet Fraction (IPF) Yang Tinggi. HANG TUAH MEDICAL JOURNAL, 15 (1). pp. 62-70.

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Introduction: Pseudothrombocytopenia is a phenomenon in which the number of platelets reported by an automated counting device is less than the actual number of invivo circulations Case: A 53-year-old man regularly controls for diabetes mellitus disease. On physical examination within normal limits. The first complete blood test using anticoagulant Ethylene Diamine Tetraacetic Acid (EDTA) was obtained hemoglobin 15.7 g / dL, MCV 82.3 μm3, MCH 30.3 pg, MCHC 36.8%, Erythrocytes: 5.19 jt / L , RDW 11.8 %, Hematocrit 42.7%, leucocytes 7,270 / cmm, thrombocytopenia with platelet count 15,000 / cmm and immature platelet fraction (IPF) 49.8%. The second complete blood test using sodium citrate anticoagulant was obtained hemoglobin 15.2 g / dL, MCV 81.4 μm3, MCH 30.1 pg, MCHC 30.1%, Erythrocyte: 5.05 jt / L, RDW 11.4 %, Hematocrit 41.1%, leukocyte 9,690 / cmm, thrombocyte to 222,000 / cmm and IPF of 5,1%. In the first sample edge blood smear was found clumping platelets. Discussion:. EDTA-dependent pseudothrombocytopenia (EDP) is an invitro phenomenon caused by a specific protein from a sample that only reacts with platelets if EDTA is present and causes clumping. At high IPF examination changes being normal may be caused by EDP. Conclusion: If high IPF examination is found with thrombocytopenia should be examined for peripheral blood smear to see whether there is a clustered thrombocyte

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